yoga, never too early to start ;)

yoga, nooit te vroeg om te starten ;) - Full of yoga

From what age can the yoga cards be used?

This is a question I get very often ;)

We at Full of Yoga believe that you can never start yoga too early. You don't have to stand on one leg to do yoga. Yoga is much more than just postures.

Yoga is feeling. Yoga is breathing. Yoga is moving together. Yoga is a way to discover your body.

This means that yoga immediately connects to the world of young children.

Discovering the body starts very early. Every day, children learn something new about their bodies. Just think of how babies try to put their feet in their mouths, for example. They already do yoga in a very natural way.

Often young children even assume positions that we adults can only dream of!

So get your cards out very early to discover the body together with your child in a casual way.

In the end, yoga with your child is mainly about being together. Move and enjoy together. Feel free to take your baby and toddler with you on the mat for a moment of connection.

Here are some tips for getting started with young children:

- Your baby wants nothing more than to be close to you, to feel your love and your touch. Feel free to keep your baby close while you do yoga. For example, you can place the mat next to the crib or do standing positions with your baby in the sling.

- Let your baby crawl around on your mat and connect in a playful and loving way during the yoga moment. A kiss in between, a tickle here and there when you change position.

- Take your baby on your lap when you do sitting postures or put your baby on your stomach to breathe relaxed together. Connect with your child in a relaxed way during the yoga moment and enjoy each other!

- Toddlers are very active and like to imitate. Sit on the floor together, take out the cards and discover. Play! Don't expect a two-year-old to perform the poses perfectly. Don't even expect a toddler to sit still and attend the yoga intently.

- Try out an attitude yourself, enjoy the moment and don't take it too seriously. Your toddler will see that you enjoy certain poses or that you radiate calmness during a breathing exercise. Know that they are subconsciously picking up on a lot, even though it may not seem like it . Your toddler often comes to cuddle when you are relaxing in savasana.

- Toddlers have a rich imagination. Use that imagination to flutter from flower to flower together in the butterfly pose.
Get into dog pose on an imaginary walk.
Guess which pose is represented by which card.
Make a forest together by standing hand in hand in the tree pose.
Conjure up rainbows with your breath.
Make a yoga story with the cards.
Everything is possible! As long as you have fun together.

Yoga is for everyone and yoga can be done at any age. Explore the cards together and feel the connection with your child.

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