The Magic of Sun Salutations Together: Sun Salutations For Children and Adults

De Magie van Samen Zonnegroeten: zonnegroet Voor Kinderen en Volwassenen

Surya Namaskar , the sun salutation, is a sequence of 11 yoga postures that are performed one after the other in a flowing movement to the rhythm of your breath. If you've ever done yoga, you've performed at least some variation of the sun salutation.

The 11 postures are ideal for developing strength, stability, flexibility and endurance . A few sun salutations in a row will make your heart beat faster and provide warmth throughout your body. An ideal exercise to get out of your head and bring your attention to your body. Good for body and mind!

The above benefits apply not only to adults but certainly also to children. Doing a few sun salutations every day will make your child feel strong.

👉 Literally and figuratively.

More self-confidence, increased focus and a more powerful body.

What parent doesn't want that for their child? ;)

Monkey see, monkey do.

The best way to get your child into sun salutations is to do them together. Not only do you make time for each other, you actively set a good example and inspire your child to do yoga. This way you become stronger together.
Make it a connecting fixed moment during the day.
When you get up next to the bed,
after school, before lunch,
after screen time,
for dinner, etc.

Or do a few sun salutations if you feel your child could use exercise or when he or she is worrying too much. It doesn't have to take long. Every little bit helps. A few sun salutations make a big difference!

Naturally, the poses look a little different for the youngest among us. Surya Namaskar is not an exact science so you are welcome to adjust where necessary. For example, you can get on your knees instead of standing in the plank position.

As with any form of yoga you do with your child, it is mainly about the pleasure of conscious movement and breathing.

You can do all kinds of variations as long as they feel good.
Dare to be playful and creative and let your child come up with their own ideas. For example, you can make up a story to help memorize the order of the postures, recite a song or poem while moving, give the postures animal names: nothing is impossible.

It is extra fun to combine the sun salutation with affirmations for each posture . This way you not only strengthen your bond by moving together, but you will also have an even deeper effect on your child's self-confidence.

“I am strong as a mountain.
I can do anything I want.
I stay close to myself.
I look around and learn.
I am strong as a board.
I am proud of myself.
I let go of what I no longer need.
I am supported.
I am safe.
I have endless strength.
I'm fine the way I am."

After sun salutations, take a moment to relax. A short breathing exercise or lying down in savasana for a while to let the effect of the movements take effect.

The sun salutation warms young and old, discover together what this series can do for your family.

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