Help your child better dealing with anxiety, attention problems and stress , teach them to develop a positive self-image with these simple exercises.

Breathing Exercises - Kids Coloring Book - Printable - 12 Pages

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Children’s wellbeing is every parent’s priority, but they are also ours. ❤️

At Full of Yoga, we understand that emotions can take over a child’s behavior and lead to angry outbursts.

👉 Our solution to this is Full of Yoga 12 Pages Breathing Exercises that will bring peace and relaxation to both your child, and yourself.

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Do you recognize this?

✔ Difficult emotions often take over your child.
✔ Precious moments of truly connecting with your child are so valuable but often so difficult to plan.
✔ Does your child often suffer from outbursts of anger?

Moreover, just when peace should return, your child becomes restless before going to sleep and you find it difficult to find routine in life.

Do you have to let all this happen?

Of course not

These tantrums in our kids are very difficult, but on the other hand they are completely normal .

The brain 🧠 is still developing the areas responsible for self-regulation and impulse control ⚡️ .

Breathing exercises can be an important key in helping them correctly identify or correct emotions and are tools they can use throughout their lives.

Plus, they're fun and easy to do, so kids will enjoy following them.

Breathing exercises help your child with 👉


Discover how your child has developed a stronger body awareness , allowing them to respond effortlessly to the signals their body gives. They demonstrate a resilient attitude in everything they do.


Watch your child blossom with growing self-confidence . Your child stands firm in life and shows an inner strength that helps them with every step they take.


See how breathing exercises activate your child's parasympathetic nervous system, helping them naturally experience calm and effectively regulate emotions .

Seen in


"The Full of Yoga material offers a great way to do a bonding activity with your child."

Give yourself and your child the peace and relaxation you deserve with our breathing exercises. Try it today!


Meet Liesbeth

Hey, I'm Liesbeth. Occupational therapist, (children's) yoga teacher, mother and teacher.

👉 My mission is to help children grow and blossom through children's yoga .

✨ Through my daughters I have discovered how valuable moments of real connection can be, even in the hustle and bustle of our modern society.

✨That's why I developed these exercises.

👉 So that you learn effective tools that you can call up when you need them.

Let's work together to create a world where children can grow and blossom from their own strengths!

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