Dance with yoga!

Dancing has many similarities with yoga. You don't need (almost) anything for it, it's fun and relaxing and everyone can dance (even if you don't think so). Yoga and dance are both forms of movement that help you with your body awareness , coordination and boost your happiness . Yoga and dance help you get out of your head and into your body. The less you think, the faster it goes.

When the summer jitters are raging through your body, there is sometimes only one way to get those jitters out: dancing ! Dancing is incredibly relaxing for your nervous system and it is something you can enjoy with the whole family.

While dancing you move your body in a casual way. The music makes it extra fun and if you dance together, the party can't go wrong!

So why not combine dance with yoga? Entertainment guaranteed!

  • Choose a song with your child(ren). If you already know the lyrics by heart, it helps to choose yoga poses that you can perform to the song. Otherwise you can use the text to help you.
  • Start by shaking your whole body to the song. Start with your feet, then your legs, your hips, your hands, your arms, your shoulder, your head, and then all at once. After shaking, stop for a moment with your eyes closed. Feel your heart beat. Feel how warm you are.
  • Then lay out all the cards of the card set so that you can clearly see the postures. Put the song you chose on repeat and choose yoga postures together for the yoga dance. Try to connect the poses to the beat of the music or synchronized with the text.

Fun is the most important thing so keep it light. Doesn't it work immediately? Then try a different position or just shake your butt: there is no right or wrong.

Repeat your yoga dance as much as you like. Kids love this and can burn off some energy while mom and dad get a full body workout ;).

After yoga dancing, it is best to take some time to relax. Choose a breathing exercise to help you relax. Let your heart rate drop again and slow your breathing. Then lie down together to do nothing in savasana and give your body time to process all the movements.

Will you share your yoga dance with us? Then we'll make it a yoga dance party together!

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