International Day of Yoga

June 21 is International Yoga Day , the longest day of the year. This year's theme is yoga for well-being.

Yoga, of course we are completely full of it at Full of Yoga! You don't have to convince us anymore that yoga contributes greatly to the well-being of everyone who practices it, regardless of the age of the yogi (ie someone who does yoga) and regardless of which style of yoga you prefer.

When you start with yoga you will soon feel the effect. You can also quickly see the benefits of yoga in children.

Yoga contributes to your physical well-being . You become stronger, more flexible, breathe deeper, let your heart beat faster now and then and help you to relax. You get to know your body better, and you learn to listen better to your body's signals.

This is how yoga helps you to respect your limits and to gently push your limits every now and then.


In addition, you have the numerous benefits for your mental and emotional well-being .

Practicing yoga increases your resilience. Your self-confidence gets a boost and it also helps you regulate your emotions. It has also been proven several times that practicing yoga helps to lower your stress. Yoga contributes to your focus and concentration. In addition, it also promotes your empathy and communication skills.

So there are numerous benefits associated with doing yoga, too many to list them all. You will feel these benefits during the yoga class, but certainly also next to the yoga mat, in everyday life!

What makes it even better: yoga is very accessible. You don't need expensive equipment, it's suitable for all ages and all bodies, and you don't have to leave your house yourself.

What's stopping you?

This is an invitation to celebrate International Yoga Day together, with the whole family! With the tips below you can get started immediately. Because on top of the benefits listed above, yoga mainly creates connection. Connection with yourself and connection with each other.

So… BYOB (bring your own baby) and let's get started!

A few tips:

  • Have each family member take turns drawing a card and do the exercise together.

  • Keep it fun and playful. Do not force or correct your child too much. Moving and enjoying together, that is the essence.

  • Hide the cards in a place in the house and go looking! Do you find a ticket? Then you do the exercise together.

  • Do you have a baby? They can participate too! Be creative and try to involve your baby in the poses as much as possible. Do the exercises next to the cradle, kiss your baby when you go from dog pose to plank pose, rock your baby in tree pose, etc.

  • Make (together or in turn) a word with the ABC yoga cards , act out that word and let the other(s) guess which word it is.

  • Get your child's favorite (picture) book and look for postures in the cards to act out the story.

  • Choose exercises from the card set together that give you energy. So you have a yoga moment that you eg. morning can do before breakfast.

  • There are a lot of fun videos online to do yoga with your kids.

  • Choose exercises from the card set with the whole family that help you relax. You can do these postures and exercises, for example. add to the evening ritual.

  • International Yoga Day is traditionally celebrated with 108 sun salutations. Start with one and see what happens. In the webshop you will find a poster with the sun salutation forchildren and one for adults .

  • With our yoga cards you can create a nice yoga moment full of fun, discovery and connection for the whole family. On one side you will find an illustration with the attitude for children with a picture that appeals to the imagination. On the other side is the adult illustration with the name of the yoga posture, in Sanskrit and Dutch. You choose how many postures and breathing exercises you do. Are you a yoga layman? Then you will benefit greatly from the description of the yoga postures in the supplied ebook or via our video training .

Will you let us know how you celebrate this special day, what tip will you use? Feel free to send us your photos, videos and/or experiences.

We wish you a very nice, warm, playful and connecting Yoga Day!

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