Simply get started with yoga as a snack in your class.

Provide a boost of attention, concentration, body awareness and self-confidence.

With yoga as a snack, you provide children with tools that they can call up themselves if they need them. In this way, they develop beautiful skills, which they can also benefit from outside the classroom or therapy.

Through yoga, children develop skills in the field of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, lateralization, cognitive, and social-emotional.
These domains play a role in the development of academic skills.

Follow our training both live (on location), or online.

  • €134.95

  • €149

    Early bird until September 15, then €169

  • -On your own pace

    -Available for life

    -Immediate access to the training

  • -Ghent South

    -15/10/22 from 1 pm to 5 pm

    + access to the online training

  • .

  • - I always take you into the basic attitude of every exercise.

    - You feel and experience, together with me, what the attitude does to you.

    - Chance to go deeper into your questions.

After training:

- Know how to apply 20 postures and 12 breathing exercises, adapted to the classroom context, in your class.
- Do you know how to differentiate the postures in your class.
- Do you know when you can apply each exercise.
- Know your exercises to provide students with rest or a boost of energy.
- Do you have tools to work on an optimal classroom climate.

  • Theory

    I will first take you through a particle theory. That way you have a solid foundation to apply yoga in the classroom. Why children's yoga, what are the benefits of yoga in the classroom? How do you apply yoga? When do you practice yoga? How do you adjust the poses? ...

  • Postures

    20 postures adapted to the classroom context. Which means; no mats needed and shoes can be left on. Simple and immediately applicable.

  • Breathing exercises

    12 breathing exercises that respond to rest, focus or energy.

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  • 1. PDF Breathe

    12 PDF cards with all breathing exercises from the training. Includes PDF poster.

  • 2. Stimulus processing

    Inge Adriaanssens is happy to take you into the world of stimulus processing in an extra lesson in the online training. How can you look at the behavior of children in a different way? How can the exercises respond to this?

  • 3. Digital poster

    Digital poster with illustrations of the children's sun salutation.

  • 4. Workbook

    A PDF workbook with all postures and breathing exercises from the training. With each time the focus of the exercise (focus, energy or rest), affirmations for each exercise (short sentences that reinforce a feeling) and extra tips.

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Yoga in de klas

Do you recognize this?

✔️ Children's wiggling and fidgeting often takes the upper hand, sitting still is a challenge.

✔️ Or children just seem flawless and could use an energy boost.

✔️ Children sometimes find it difficult to place their emotions.

✔️ You notice that children quickly experience fear or stress in certain situations. For example, before a test or another important moment.

✔️ The general classroom atmosphere could use a boost.

Yoga in de klas kinderyoga, tussendoortje in de klas

Do you want this?

✔️ Simple snacks that contribute to a better body awareness.​

✔️ Which makes children better recognize their body's signals.

✔️ And therefore better respond to feelings and emotions.

✔️ Teaching children simple breathing exercises that immediately have a positive effect during anxiety or stress.

✔️ Fun exercises that not only respond to the physical, but also to positive mindset, attention and concentration.