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I WANT IT ALL PACKAGE - card sets, puzzle + online training

I WANT IT ALL PACKAGE - card sets, puzzle + online training

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Discover, enjoy and experience yoga with this package.

Package with cards, poster, puzzle and online training.
A perfect basis to get started with yoga with your child.
designed to provide parents, professionals and teachers, ... with tools to help children and teens deal with anxiety, attention problems, positive body image, and much more.

1x card set 'yoga for you and me'
1x card set the yoga ABC
1x yoga puzzle
Access to the online video training.

BONUS : Poster A3 with all breathing exercises for children.


-The card set 'for you and me'
contains 30 illustrations for children, with the illustration for adults on the back, 12 breathing exercises for children.
-The yoga ABC
consists of 26 cards in which all letters of the alphabet are depicted through yoga postures.
- Yoga puzzle:
This yoga puzzle contains 11 yoga poses to learn and discover in a calm and independent way.
-Online training:
Unique online yoga training in which we guide both you and your child in every posture and breathing exercise from the card sets and puzzle.

Access training

After payment you will receive an email giving you automatic access to the training.

For whom

👉 This package is for adults who would like to delve into the yoga postures at their own pace.
👉 This package is for parents, teachers, therapists, childminders,... and anyone who works with children and would like to offer that bonus, which makes children resilient and firm in their shoes.

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Do you recognize this as a parent? Your child suffers from tantrums, starts screaming, screaming, shouting... it sometimes drives you insane. In addition, just as peace should return, your child becomes restless before going to sleep and you find it difficult to find a routine in life

These tantrums in our kids are very difficult, but on the other hand also perfectly normal. The brain is still developing the areas responsible for self-regulation and impulse control.

Discover the ultimate tool to give children peace, focus and energy with this package.

Yoga is a great method to teach your child to take care of themselves and others, to learn to deal with emotions and to learn to be self-confident.

When you can practice yoga with your child, you will experience a moment of connection and routine that will benefit both of you.

So are you looking for a beautiful, connecting ritual with your child?

Get started with this package to start doing yoga together in a simple way!

  • Card set for you and me

    A set of cards with illustrations for both children and adults. With additional 12 breathing exercises.

  • Card set yoga ABC

    Shape all the letters of the alphabet with your body!

  • Yoga puzzle

    A puzzle that moves! 11 yoga postures in the theme of the underwater world.

  • Online video training

    Get guidance with every posture and breathing exercise from the card sets and puzzle using video.

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yoga poster ademhalingsoefeningen

Additional bonus

A poster in A3 format, with all breathing exercises for children, with every order.

Video training Full of yoga

Unique online yoga training in which we guide both you and your child in every posture and breathing exercise from the card sets and puzzle. Completely at your own rhythm.

Content of the training

- Lifetime access to the online training.
- Tips for using the maps.
- 30 children's yoga poses step by step via video.
- 12 breathing exercises for children.
- 5 Flows for children
- 26 videos with the yoga ABC
- 30 yoga poses for adults step by step via video.
- 5 Flows for adults.
- 11 poses from the yoga puzzle.

Bonus at the workout

- 8 breathing exercise videos for adults.
- Digital print-out of the Sun Salutation for adults (worth EUR 10).
- Digital print-out of the sun salutation for children (worth EUR 10).
- Digital print-out "8-fold path of Patanjali" (worth 10 EUR).

Why this workout?

  • yoga videotraining
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  • Heidi @Wan

    Heidi (breathing coach WAN) takes you into the breathing exercises for adults. Heidi helps you connect, feel, trust and discover through breath.

  • Mandy @yogamandy

    Mandy is an experienced yoga teacher for children and adults. She likes to take you and your child into the world of children's yoga.​

  • Liesbeth @Fullofyoga

    Liesbeth guides you through the postures for adults. Her soft and clear way of teaching brings you safely in every posture.​

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Simply get started with yoga yourself, together with your child.

Choose connection and a boost of self-confidence.