Help your child better deal with anxiety, attention problems and stress , teach them how to develop a positive self-image with these simple exercises.

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Mindful breathing exercises for children - pdf cards & poster + mini training

Mindful breathing exercises for children - pdf cards & poster + mini training

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This is a digital product, after purchase you get immediate access to the training and downloads.

This package is a great way to teach children healthy habits, teach them to be strong and self-confident with these exercises.

The package consists of:

1 a PDF with 12 cards in A6 format and A5 format

  • Front: beautiful illustrations of the exercise
  • Back: explanation about the exercise


  • Digital video training in which all breathing exercises are demonstrated
  • PDF Poster depicting all breathing exercises, ideal to hang on the wall as a reminder and to fully integrate the exercises into your children's lives.


This is a digital product with downloads!:
-Explanation per posture
-PDF with 12 cards in A6 format + 12 x back with explanation
-PDF with 12 cards in A5 format + 12 x back with explanation.
-PDF poster with all breathing exercises
-Videos, Mandy takes you through videos in the 12 breathing exercises.

Terms and Conditions

With your purchase, you get an instant download, but you do not own the copyright. By purchasing this file you agree that you will not share or resell it. Copyright remains with Full of yoga and we will deal with any violations accordingly.

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Discover the ultimate tool to give children peace, focus and energy with this package.

Herken je dit als ouder?
- Je kind heeft vaak last van woedebuien.
- Het concentreren is lastig.
- Emoties zijn moeilijk te controleren.
Bovendien wordt je kind, net als de rust zou moeten wederkeren, onrustig voor het slapengaan en vinden jullie hierdoor moeilijk routine.

These tantrums in our kids are very difficult, but on the other hand also perfectly normal. The brain is still developing the areas responsible for self-regulation and impulse control.

Should you just let all this happen? Of course not :)

Maar hoe leer je je kind dan om zijn of haar emoties beter onder controle te krijgen?
Ademhalingsoefeningen kunnen een belangrijke sleutel zijn in het correct helpen plaatsen of corrigeren van emoties en zijn tools die ze hun hele leven kunnen gebruiken.

Discover the power of your breath

The Full of Yoga package with breathing exercises helps you teach your child how to regulate emotions and is now available for €27.95

yoga poster ademhalingsoefeningen

Temporary bonus

PDF Poster depicting all the breathing exercises, ideal to hang on the wall as a reminder and to fully integrate the breathing exercises into your children's lives.

Meet Liesbeth

Heyhey, I'm Liesbeth .
Together with my 2 daughters as a source of inspiration , I designed these card sets during and after my yoga teacher training.

✨ Because of my experience as a teacher, ergotherapist, yoga teacher and mom, I not only experienced and felt the need for movement ♂️ 🤸 in children, but also learning how to deal with emotions, how does my body react to those feelings?

👉 Through yoga and breathing exercises, your child gets to know his body better, so that he understands the signals better and can therefore respond better to emerging emotions. teacher, …).

👉 That's why I developed these card sets
✨ So that you can experience a beautiful moment of connection and routine together.
✨ So that your child can be one step ahead of those tantrums.
✨ So that you learn effective tools that you can summon yourself when you need it.

❤️ Connecting, enjoying and moving together.

- Certified yoga teacher
- Certified children's yoga teacher
- Teacher, occupational therapist and psychomotor therapist.
- Mom of 2 beautiful daughters

Give your child the rest and relaxation they deserve

Probeer het vandaag nog voor maar €24,95


From what age?

This package is suitable for children from 2 years old under supervision, up to 99 + 🤗

How is this package delivered?

After payment you will immediately receive an email with your details to log in to the platform. There you can find your downloads and videos.

How long do I have access to the videos?

You get lifetime access to the platform.