With Full of Yoga, we sell uniquely designed yoga material such as cards and puzzles... With illustrations for both children and adults.

In the first place, it creates a connection between parent and child and also creates a bit of self-care, satisfaction and a positive development of children in various areas, personal leadership starts in infancy. They become more confident and self-aware . They make finer choices because they feel, discover and know their body through yoga.

Our mission is to make yoga accessible, both at home and in schools, in a down to Earth way.
With illustrations that spark the imagination.

So that children take a strong and conscious stand in their shoes and grow up to be self-confident individuals.

Our mission is also to strengthen that connection between parent and child, in a fun and connecting way.

Even as a child I could never sit still, just like my oldest daughter . I recognize myself in this.

I was constantly dancing or moving.

With age, this movement became less and less... I know, guilty, unfortunately. I didn't think about this until I realized that I was getting further and further away from myself.

Until I started the yoga teacher training for children and then for adults.

I felt the need for movement regain color. My body craved that flow, that stretch, that movement.

I felt that connection with myself coming back and this also gave me back my passion!

I combined my 2 passions , yoga and drawing. And so 1 by 1 these illustrations of yoga postures were created.

Liesbeth De Backer

Yoga card sets

With this card set I really want to guide you or your child, step by step, to find that connection with yourself and trust your intuition again.