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Yoga puzzle underwater world

Yoga puzzle underwater world

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Stimulates thinking.
Incite movement.
Also creates peace of mind.

The bright colors and fun illustrations immediately take your child into their fantasy. Not only their cognitive, but also their physical skills get a boost.

Get your child off the couch and onto the mat with our yoga puzzle. Discover together the 11 postures from the illustration.

This puzzle stimulates your child in several ways:

- Cognitive, fine motor skills, movement, play, fun, yoga and enjoyment!

For kids from 4 years old. Or younger under supervision.


-Size: 329x477mm
-63 puzzle pieces
-Underwater theme
-11 yoga poses
+ explanation for each posture.

For whom?

For children from 4 years. (Indication)
At home, in class, during therapy, ...


After completing the puzzle, your child can perform the yoga postures. Puzzles stimulate the development of your child.
Yoga allows movement, and creates peace.

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Duik in de onderwaterwereld met onze yogapuzzel en stimuleer de fysieke en cognitieve vaardigheden van je kind.